Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's on the Lot RIght Now 04/22/09

lotsa goodies to compliment your summer lifestyle. come check it out!
our selection of Amish handcrafted quality outdoor furniture is ready for your porch, backyard or beach house. Adirondack chairs $79 everyday!

a handsome 14x16 2 story

your new home away from home! this log cabin won't last long, it's a delightful 14x30 built with 2x6s everywhere with egressable windows, insulated floors and a porch ready for some cold beverages on a warm summer night. Last year it was $21,900, buy it now for only $14,900 DELIVERED!!!

great looking 10x12 standard

what a deal! our standard model garage with standard 9x7 garage door, window and back door built on pressure treated 3/4" plywood with floor joists 12" on center for only $3995!!

slightly obscure by the gigantor 12x20 deluxe garden shed, this is part of our brand new line of sheds and storage/multi-purpose structures. It's a two story (with full staircase) shed where the possibilities are endless! 12x12s starting at $3928 DELIVERED!

as big as it is beautiful! this is a M A S S I V E 240 square foot 12x20 deluxe garden shed that will surely improve the look and value of your home dramatically!

super fantastic! nice, deep storage and a tall dutch (gambrel) style roof lets you pack the house with this great 10x16 standard dutch mini-barn.

Have you ever seen one like this? Totally custom vinyl siding with a cedar shake style facade, rounded window steel reinforced doors and the victorian style roof give this storage shed some real WOW factor!

awwwww too cute! a perfect compliment, an 8x8 playhouse for the kids and a great looking storage building when they grow up!

well constructed dutch style mini-barn can contain all of your storables making your garage a garage again!

a great weekend party to be had with this ideal sized gazebo.

too fun! how much would your kids love you if this bulldozer playground was parked in your backyard?

a solid bridge just waiting for the right stream to pass under it. we custom build bridges to any size or style.

10x16 a frame with the end vents, windows and shutters. Perfecto!

12x12 painted gazebo with cupola

another beauty. a 10x14 deluxe garden shed. immaculate construction and great looking to boot!

the classic. a perfectly built and designed 10x14 with optional window and offset barn doors.

mountain man style, eco-friendly materials, built like a Sherman tank, it's the best-looking shed on the lot. It's our Adirondack 10x10 with the rough cut lumber and massive 3x4 roof joists. It even has a nice liner inside to keep it dry.

OMG! Delivered to your backyard just in time for your first cookout in spring, this 12 x 24 gazebo is the ideal party hangout!

super fantastic! just arrived board and batton with metal roof 12x16 a-frame!

au natural board and batton style 10x20 horse run-in with 6' tack room in back. Perfect for your pasture! Run away with this deal, normally $4,615, all yours for $3795 delivered!

nice contrasting colors on this 10x12 standard model quaker shed.

wow....a beautiful 10x16 DELUXE model garden shed. Purty!

super fantastic 8x8 green model mini-barn...with back window!


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  2. the collection of photos. The interiors are so inspiring...with the right amount Indian and Western decor to be appreciated by all.Thanks for sharing the photos :))

    Susan Graham

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